Shiny objects, soul voices, and a glam jail

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Hi nerds -

I salute you from Boquete, one of my favorite Panamanian mountain towns.

The pandemic made me bullish on people relocating to rural areas. When I come to places like these I remember why.

There’s nothing like remote work with a nice view and windy weather.

Boquete, Chiriquí

3 brain farts

💎 Shiny Object Syndrome: One of the biggest paradoxes in the Age of Abundance is choice. Too many options make it increasingly hard to select one, nonetheless the right one.

Shiny Object Syndrome means we are constantly blinded by shiny options, blurring us from accessing our intuition’s insights.

This happens both at a high-level, when we are presented with interesting career options, dating, or buying a property, as well as at a lower-level, at the supermarket while trying to buy milk.

My prescription for this is prepping in advance. If I know what I want beforehand, it’s easier to spot it within the shiny objects.

Shiny objects

🚀 Price of Success: Like everything in life, success has a price based on two variables: definition and currency.

  • Definition: what success looks like in my eyes - career-wise, financially-wise, lifestyle-wise, friendships, family, or regarding love relationships.
  • Currency: what I need to sacrifice to get there - time, money, relationships, travel, savings, or health.

Next step: strategy. For ex, I’m willing to invest attention, time, and savings in order to launch my own company, but I’m not willing to loose my health or my relationships on the way.

What we risk becomes a reflection of what we value.

We pick our own jail

⭐️ Mission Tokens: Tokenization is queen of the game because it allows anyone to spin microeconomies.

Startups raise millions through investors, but smaller mission-driven projects have traditionally had a harder time raising capital. Until now.

Through no-code tools like Mirror or custom tokenomics models, teams can now create their mission-specific token, establish token’s utility, and raise capital easier than ever.

Truth is, the internet is a capitalist space where ideas are assets and attention is currency. For those able to craft a compelling narrative and recruit an engaged community, possibilities are endless.

— For ex, Ethereum Infinite Garden raised 3M USD offering backers recognition in their Ethereum documentary. CabinDAO raised ~60k to hold creator retreats in Austin, TX.

2 intellectual goodies

“Web3 is rewriting the rules of bundling and unbundling.

Fractionalization enables co-ownership among parties while composability enables co-creation among parties—and the

parties don’t even need to know or interact with each other in any way.”

~ The Twin Propellers of web3 by David Phelps

"Composability is the general ability of components of a system to be recombined into larger structures and for the output of one to be the input of another."

~ What is Composability, Aragon

1 funky audio

Classified by some as “trip hop”, this song is composed by a Swiss bassist in partnership with a soul voice, Bajka. Perfectly tailored with a glass of Malbec.

By Your Side by Mich Gerber

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