Net States, sexy logins, and more cats

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Hi nerds -

I salute you from Miami, as the city revamps for Art NFT Basel.

This week, I’ve been working on launching the Open Lane for the largest Web3 Hackathon of the year, where people from around the world are coming together to build DAO tooling.

Multi-chain, finance, NFTs, communities, and DAO tech, participants are picking a track and competing for the juicy prize pool of $140k+.

If you have an idea for a project, please join in the fun here!

DAO Global Hackathon

3 brain farts

❄️ The Neo Cold War: The next Cold War will be between Net States and Nation States.

Fought in Twitter threads, Discord servers, and Reddit forums, the netizens are arming up to disrupt every aspect of civilization.

Regulators, on the other hand, attempting to do (or steal?) the best they can with their bureaucratic machinery, continue to lose people’s trust across the globe.

21st century tooling working under 20th century governments means there's a clash of expectations between my private and public life that only heightens people’s trust on net states.

This is already happening. Organizations like Google, Facebook, and Apple, have a reach that extends borders and demographics. People’s behavior is impacted by the lines of code they deploy and netizens’s lives depend on the features they build.

As the amount of people working online increases and crypto takes over monetary structures, this Neo Cold War is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Net States eating the world

👋🏽 Bye bye login: One of the sexiest aspects of Web3 is being able to maintain your identity across sites.

Rather than having a username and a password for every single app, in Web3 you carry your identity in your wallet everywhere you go.

Because all your tokens and NFTs are stored inside it, the app can know whether you’re the lucky owner of a Bored Ape NFT (which means you're invited to their Yacht Parties) or have enough Friends With Benefits tokens to get into the Discord.

Either way, you only need to remember one password and 12 words (known as a seed phrase). Bye bye login, see you never.

Bye bye login

⛰️ Writing Success Pyramid: When we’re starting a writing habit, the biggest accelerator is to publish constantly. But really, the main hurdle to cross is finding a routine we can keep sustainably.

As time goes by and we sustain the routine, we organically increase the quality of the work. It takes less time to produce a higher standard of content and ideas get refined on every iteration.

But only once ideas are truly insightful to people, do we then start growing our community exponentially. Community is where the highest return of investment lies because we get to meet like-minded individuals who align with our vision and interests. It is the gem metric of writing success.

Jules Writing Pyramid of Success

2 intellectual goodies

The Policy Trilemma states that countries can have two of the following three: free-flowing capital, independent central banks, or a fixed exchange rate.

~ Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World, by Fareed Zakaria

Don't look on the fridge, Tommy

Web3 entities are proactively doing the things that government leaders are asking Web2 companies to do: break up central power and push it to the margins.

~ Bankless newsletter

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This gem makes me want to stand up on stage and sing along this beautiful voice.

Blues best paired with a cup of Malbec and some oak candles.

Why don't you - Cleo Sol

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