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Hi nerds -

I salute you from Panama City, after a week spent in the surf town of Venao enjoying the hippie flow.

As this year starts, I’ve promised myself to take life a bit slower.

Yes, there is so much to learn and too little time. But the only race to care about is the race against the ideal version of myself - and for that, I have all the time in the world.

Happiness austronaut

3 brain farts

📱 Meryl Streep founders: Meryl Streep is undoubtedly an amazing actress. Yet, she sometimes messes up a lil during her acting: she lets the boobs sag, the mouth stutter, fixes her bra at random times..

Great acting means transmitting truth so vulnerably that we relate. We don’t expect it perfect, we'd rather it be human.

As entrepreneurs, we’re always pulled between our scrappy selves and our perfectionist brain.

  • The scrappy founder values being first over being the best and is okay with releasing a minimum viable version.
  • The perfectionist values deploying the highest standard, usually at the expense of speed.

At the end, the sweet spot is of course in the middle - the Meryl Streep way.

Meryl Streep

🌏 DeCos: A country is comprised of an identity, a terrain, a currency, and a governance structure.

Add Web3 to the mix and the result is:

  • A verifiable identity registered on the blockchain
  • Land in the metaverse in places like Decentraland or Sandbox
  • Crypto currencies are bringing to life micro-economies
  • DAOs and their voting smart contracts enable the governance structures

Welcome to the future of nations: decentralized countries.

World at a glance

🛠 Future of work: One thing we know for certain about the FoW is that, within the next 10 years, most of the global workforce will be comprised of jobs that don’t exist today.

Nick deWilde makes some interesting assumptions:

  • Creators: As the internet enables everyone to create, we’ll see a boom of “solopreneurs” who forge their paths crafting their personal monopolies with digital savviness.
  • DAO talent: With more than 4.3M workers leaving their jobs, DAOs provide an alternative that is fun in essence, visionary in nature, and cutting edge in social innovation - perfectly positioned to win over talent’s brains, hearts, and pockets.
  • Extracurriculars: People contributing to many projects at once are making passion-driven extracurriculars an ever more relevant part of our day-to-day. Financial freedom, self-actualization, and multi-faceted learning are targets employers will start to admire and fiercely support.
  • Community: Belonging to communities is becoming core to opportunities. Those who are digital extroverts will reap the benefits of this collaboration.
  • Learning: In such a fast paced world, both employers and employees benefit from high-speed, adaptive education. In order to attract + retain talent, organizations will have to integrate work and learning opportunities for contributors.

2 intellectual goodies

"Future of work consists of learning a living."

~ Marshal McLuhan

Louie Bacaj newsletter's meme

"The modern version of a vernacular language is, of course, the meme.

It is the dialect of the internet everyman, and it is natively suited for that dominion. Not only are memes context-rich, visual, and remixable, they’re often post-linguistic — you do not need to speak a particular language to enjoy them."

~ DeCos, The Generalist

1 funky audio

Forefront is the port of entry to crypto social clubs, DAOs and the digital cities of the future.

They interviewed me to discuss what it means to build educational resources in Web3 with a mission to close the crypto gender gap. This fun podcast is the result. ✨

Forefront <> Surge podcast

& featured snack

Pain: You work remotely and want to live in cool places around the world.

Solution: Teleport asks for variables and defines what the best place for you would be based on your preferences and budget.


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