Ant revolution, upskilling, and brain mechanics

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Hi nerds -

I salute you as I travel to Chicago today to visit friends and dress up funky for Halloween. Maybe I’ll send a pic of that next week 😛

This week I attended an exhibition at the Rubell Museum, an acting masterclass, an AI collective where I met some cyber friends for the first time, and a TEDx event themed around love and sex.

Cultural events are water to my brain.

Watering a brain plant

3 brain farts

🐜 Revolution of the army ants: Creator economy, remote work, no-code software, accessible internet access, and decentralized financial infrastructures are shifting the global power from organizations to individuals.

Working like army ants, each of these trends is advancing independently, breaking down assumptions everywhere they go, while subtly building the new collective together.

NFT communities, the rise of nomad hubs, the metaverse expansion, decentralized autonomous organizations, creators building million-dollar audience-first products, and engineered money with features like open ledgers and programmable smart contracts, are all trends fueled by this power shift.

Unless we’re looking closely, we won’t notice the army taking over the ground, but that doesn’t mean the revolution isn’t being built from the grassroots up.

The army ants go marching

🧚🏻‍♀️ Reading body vs mind: Reading people’s minds usually ranks high on the "cool superpowers" list, but I’ve grown increasingly convinced reading people’s bodies is more insightful.

I attended an acting class this week and one of the lessons learned was the importance of letting our instinctive body reactions lead the scene so acting comes off as genuine.

We focus so much on how others perceive us, our minds are constantly creating façades for what’s truly going on inside.

However, the body always tells the truth. Observing our body's cues is a faster way to learning who we are than focusing on what the mind thinks.

Control key - Dan Bejar

👩🏻‍💻 Upskilling: As a consultant, most of the work I do is technical translations between business leaders and software nerds who often don’t understand each other.

They’re speaking in different languages, dreaming in different spheres, and prioritizing different angles of the same problems.

The more I do these, the more I realize the impact this communication gap has on society as a whole. Entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas too often refrain from building disruptive digital products because of a lack of technical understanding.

It's why I'm so bullish on coding bootcamps and why I think upskilling people is one of the biggest economic opportunities of the coming years.

2 intellectual goodies

“When you are finished changing, you are finished.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

Brain Mechanic by Robbie Porter

The engineer is a mediator between the philosopher and the working mechanic and, like an interpreter between two foreigners, must understand the language of both.”

~ Henry Palmer

1 funky audio

Sleek guitar, chill beat, and no lyrics, this gem is perfect for creative inspiration and chill moods.

Best paired for computer work or a painting board.

Fine Corinthian Leather by Charlie Hunter

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